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Thanks in advance to anyone that picks up #DudeBro today as part of #smallbusinesssaturday http://bit.ly/1an5QjK

Thanks in advance to anyone that picks up #DudeBro today as part of #smallbusinesssaturday http://bit.ly/1an5QjK

Words From The Genius - An Interview with The Gza


originally published 11.30.05

“A liquid sword,” Gza explains, “is basically a sharp tongue that’s swift and changeable. You see because the tongue, we say, is symbolic to the sword. When it moves, it produces wind. Your tongue is a double-edged sword.” It’s no wonder than why Gza would link himself forever with this concept. He has been known throughout his career for being sharp with his lyrics, and clever with his concepts. Such ability also brought along with it a new identity. While just starting out as an emcee he was tagged with the nickname ‘Genius,’ a label that he didn’t always want. “They saw me as being a genius as far as lyrically. They gave me that but I didn’t want it because I thought people would look at that name and expect too much, just too much.” 

And perhaps he’s right. Fans have come to expect a lot from the Gza and his Wu-Tang brethren. Legions of hardcore Wu-Tang fans have grown accustomed to Wu’s style and energy, and have come to expect classic material each time out from the Shaolin squad. Well, it’s been a while since fans have heard collectively from the group, and since the death of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, it’s certain that they won’t ever again hear from the Wu-Tang Clan in its entirety. Rather than sitting idly by, Gza has been hard at work. His new project with DJ Mugss, Grandmasters, was just released to strong reviews, and he is still working on a new solo album, Gza Presents. I had the chance to talk with Gza about the music making process, Hip Hop today, as well as the value of intelligence. Check out the words from the Genius.

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